WARNING Game of thrones SPOILER

“I will not give my life for Joffrey’s murder and I know I’ll get no justice here, so I will let the gods decide my fate. I demand a trial by combat.” — Tyrion Lannister

This is possibly my favorite quote from tyrion so far. It really is a simple message, But Its the emotion he brings to it as hes on trial that I love. He is in fact the most just in that very room. Others already know how they will roll their own die, they know what it will say ahead of time. Tyrion knows this and still is the most just of them all.

Current things of spring

So I figure Id best tell you of how the divider is coming along for my horses pasture. After the family was a go for my unconventional tire fence, I talked to my supply guy and he was a neh sayer. Sadly. But Hey we have some wood and some poles lying around so I have the divider half complete, Now I just have to wrangle some more supplies.

Other Projects: Today I started a worm farm! Hopefully they do well and we can feed some to the hens and use them for fishing and what not. Finally another way to recycle all that Poo. :D

Next I want to start gathering some wood for some mushrooms, Id love never to have to buy a stupid button again.